Happy Cabernet Day

29 Aug

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 6.28.13 PM

Cabernet Day is held on the Thursday before Labor day at the end of August each year. #CabernetDay started in 2010 as a social media stint to celebrate the variety. Since then, it has grown to include grand tastings in major cities from San Francisco to Sydney. ~ WineFollly.com

learn more: Info about Cabernet on WineFolly.com


Update on Little Bird

21 May

Little Bird flew away, looks like things worked out alright for him. littlebird littlebird6-1

Little Bird

17 May

littlebird littlebird2_small-1 littlebird3_small-1 littlebird4_small-1A walk down Bodine Street on a sunny Friday afternoon brought this darling little bird into my care. I heard a rustling in a garbage can and pulled out a frantic baby starling. After some rest, cat food, and a few blueberries this little guy stopped chirping and flapping and perched calmly on my finger where he would quickly fall asleep with his little head tilted back. The mother bird heard the baby’s call and came to my bedroom window with much commotion. I put him outside and she swooped down to feed him. Night fell it started raining, as he was out there shivering in the mint patch and had not yet learned to use his wings, I brought him inside. In the morning, awaked once again by the mother at the window, I returned him to his favorite spot in the garden, the mint patch. Again mother bird resumed her job of bringing the noisy baby all forts of bugs and worms.


21 Dec

imagesHappy 21st of December!

Lately I’ve been eagerly anticipating Christmas and the new year, 2013…thirteen has always been my lucky number, I feel I’m ready to finally start proactively living my life. This past year? It’s been very difficult for me. It has held too much sadness and stress and hardship. This being said, I’ve been putting a good deal of thought into how I wanted the new one to start. I didn’t want to spend new years day at work, first thing in the morning, getting up early, being a coffee slave to the wealthy… I have actually been a little stressed about what to do, how to get off work so I could start my year on my own terms.

I have been cat sitting for a friend. I finished work  tonight and rode my bike to their house. I made the kitties and meal, made myself a meal. I poured a glass of wine (five bottles of fine french red were left for me as a thank you for my efforts with the felines). I went over to the sweet stereo system to find some music. Oddly enough, ACME rock group’s album was there lying on top of everything, an old friend. I put it on and came back to the table to find the cats has finished their food and were eating mine. I pushed them away, put a small pile of catnip on the floor for them and took a trip down memory lane as I at my food and sang along to the old songs.

When I finished, I washed my dishes and slid the door open to the unique little spirit collection. I poured myself an aperitif  and the rain started. Several hours passed as I waited for it to lighten. I had come by bike and wanted to get home, change out of my work clothes, get cleaned up. The rain kept coming down, harder if anything. I put the same album on again and then put on Jesse Woods’ album. I stood looking out the window waiting for the rain to stop and started daydreaming. There is someone who has slowly crept into my radar and its the most amazing thing. I’m excited.

Seeing that the rain was not stopping, I bid the cats farewell, hopped on my bike rode into the rain, the wind, the darkness. I got soaked, the roads were empty. I felt oddly happy and at peace as I rode through the pouring rain. I always listen to music when I ride, tonight it was Love and Rockets. I finally made it home, opened the door to our house (now gorgeous as the floor has just been refurnished and there is a fabulous large oriental given to us by a friend and some tasteful new artwork hung), took my headphones off and the words of the song suddenly appeared so clear in my mind; I’m alive, oh so alive. I looked at the clock and it was 12 AM, I guess technically the apocalypse is to happen at 6:12 but in that moment I felt like I was starting a new chapter and decided my new year had just begun. Let me wish you an early happy new year, start yours on your own terms.

Photo shoot at Chestnut Hill Art Gallery

10 Dec

Recently I had the chance to photograph an artist reception for painter, Chuck Connelly  in Chestnut Hill.  I think his work is really  great.  He works in a impressionistic style using gorgeous colors, some are black an white. In 2008, a documentary was produced that chronicled his struggles with his temperament, alcoholism, and disillusionment with reality. In 2009, that documentary “The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not For Sale”  won an award at  the Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards. Below is a photo of Chuck standing next to his piece, “Fluffy with Pumpkin”, a painting of his cat.bw - Chestnut Hill Gallery-1Chestnut Hill Gallery-1-3 Chestnut Hill Gallery-2-3 Chestnut Hill Gallery-3-3 Chestnut Hill Gallery-5 Chestnut Hill Gallery-7-3 Chestnut Hill Gallery-10-2 Chestnut Hill Gallery-15 Chestnut Hill Gallery-22 Chestnut Hill Gallery-23 Chestnut Hill Gallery-24 Chestnut Hill Gallery-25 Chestnut Hill Gallery-36bw 2 - Chestnut Hill Gallery-1 bw 3 - Chestnut Hill Gallery-1

A Change in the Weather

14 Oct

Time to break out last years gloves, mittens, scarves and of course the big, fuzzy hat.  This hat gets me through the winter.  I am enjoying the change of season and ready for the cooler weather.  I had grown quite tired of the seemingly unending humidity that made it quite impossible to show up for work in my  buttoned-up dress shirt, pants and tie feeling anything but sweaty and disheveled. Work is going well, Parc is a good spot to be.  I’ve made friends, I’m learning conversational french with the help of the many Africans in the kitchen, I am going to be playing now on a regular basis with another guitar player and drummer, both food runners. And then there is staff meal, I have not yet grown tired of having skillfully prepared duck almost everyday for lunch.

My room…

2 Oct

For my mom, who has been asking for photos of my room since I moved in almost one year ago…better late than never.  I’ll say this is the latest reincarnation as I love to move things around and change it up a bit, doing so keeps a fresh perspective.